Checkpoint 1…. not sure if this is good..

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Ok, so today I managed to get a health check at work which covers some basic standard things such as height, weight etc – results below.

Height – 173cm, 5ft 8in

Weight – 109Kg, 17st 2lb, 240lbs

BMI – 36.42

Waist – 115cm

Body Fat – 29.4%

Blood Pressure – 136/87

Glucose – 4.1mmol/L

Cholesterol – low – less than 3.88 mmol/L

Hydration – 50.2%

Ok, lets start with the good – my cholesterol was so low it didn’t register an official reading and my glucose level was excellent – they were looking for anything less than 6.1. Now, both are most likely due to my diet overhaul over the last 4-5 weeks – If they had these tests before that I may very well have failed on everything.. correction, failed is a negative term, lets amended that to ‘keep an eye on as it puts me in a higher risk than normal’

The one reading I am not overly worried about at the moment is BMI as I have spoken to many who view this as a false measure – you are not telling me that the average rugby player is obese? They are built like brick sh*thouses and I would happily have a high BMI if I looked like that.

Blood Pressure is slightly above normal – in an amber category so need to keep an eye on that however the doc (health specialist? not sure to what level he was officially trained to) was happy with my lifestyle change over the last few weeks of going back to the gym and eating better so wasn’t overly worried about this.

Body fat / waist.. for me, this is the biggest thing that I will be working on over the next few months as I want it to be lower than this..according to the fact sheet a desirable range is 19% or less – so that is a goal then, by default the waist size will shrink too. though not gunning for 19% in the short term, think I will go for a slow and steady loss of weight as I do not want to crash diet and then be in a position where it can all just pile back on..

So, all in all kind of what I expected I suppose – knew the weight thing was a problem (hence the original kick start to changing things up) but the good news is that the glucose levels and cholesterol levels are low. It gives me something to aim for and at some point in the future (3/4 months I guess) I will have another one of these and see how it compares.


Other than that I have maintained my current rate of going to the gym since my pass got re-activated – 12 days out of 12 now at work. Monday I tried pushing myself on the Leg Machines and got new highs in the Leg Press (134KG for 3 sets of 10), Leg Extention (59Kg for 3 sets) and Leg Curl (2 sets at 41Kg, 3rd at 45Kg) but arms and shoulders were suffering from shovelling at the weekend so I stepped down the weight of the arm exercises I threw in.

Today @dstobbie decided to wreck me again. Good Lad. He pushes me to my limits without it being stupid – it is all about max weight with good form rather than just pumping the max weight possible.. This week we are doing a push / pull routine over separate days – today was chest press, chest fly, Arnold curls, shoulder shrug, dips to failure and then that mad tricep routine from last week that near broke my arms to finish.


All in all I would like to think things are continuing in the right direction – even got a couple of positive comments recently (“you have lost weight”, “looking svelte”, “see you are back at the gym, keep it up”) and such like – I even got a twitter comment from a fitness page to help with the motivation. People vastly underestimate how a simple comment like this helps people who are trying to change things around so I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

Lets keep this thing going and see where I go next..

Thanks again for reading.


Next – 21 out of 21.. and break..


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