About Us

The Buff Geek
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The Main Man. Star of the podcasts. Workout Warrior. CEO of Alpha Fitness

David Stobbie

The “Tough” Geek – completed Tough Mudder 3 times (still a newbie!) and considering taking part in Toughest Mudder 2018. Enjoys running, spending time with his family and nearly anything Marvel related. With a terrible memory, he’s forgotten more comics than most people have read.

Also seems to really like that Tony Stark training top…

Ian Stobbie

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The Inside Man. Wrestling Guru. Attended multiple acting classes with famous faces (Idris Elba being a favourite) Starred in multiple Independent films and stage shows.

Steven Hausrath
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Hacker-Man. Researcher extraordinaire. Provides technical support and “The laugh” on the podcasts. 35 years old and feeling it. Not the fittest of the geeks.

Kev Kermath

The jack of all trades member of the team and fellow TM Legionnaire, loves most things geek but particularly gaming and sci-fi/fantasy TV and movies. Loves a fan theory (the good and the bad). Usually last to know when it’s raining. Punched a Predator in the face.

Paul Watson

Crystal Maze Enthusiast (and Star!) Another Tough Mudder Legionnaire – Dragon Ball and Game of Thrones Fan Boy. If you need him, he’ll probably be in the office.



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